With YOGAFRICA, Niyamas Yoga is now looking to partner with organisations working in the field of child welfare and disadvantaged populations.

Through partnerships, YOGAFRICA has already achieved excellent results: administration of eye care for a desperate blind child, construction of a library in the municipal high school of Koumassi, monthly contribution to food, accommodation and schooling for 8 children.

If the goal of the discipline of YOGA is liberation, this merger between Niyamas Yoga Abidjan and Yogafrica would enable the community to achieve their goal by improving the lives of those most in need. The income from the activities (classes, events, retreats, workshops...) is allocated to the welfare of the community.



Can yoga change our lives and the world?

We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with a lot of Love.



A wonderful opportunity for Karma Yogis to be part of Yogafrica in Abidjan!

With the Yogafrica project, Niyamas Yoga brings the practice of yoga and its benefits to the community, especially to schools and orphanages; and to raise general awareness of the practice of yoga in this part of the world.



Originally from the Austrian mountains, Flora trained in Ashtanga (India, Mysore) and Vinyasa (Africa, Cape Town). She seeks strength in the tranquillity of body and mind.


Originally from the United States, his yoga practice started with the physical aspect, with Ashtanga Yoga which he considered a sport. In 2015, he obtained his yoga instructor's certificate after 500 hours of classes. Yoga has helped him enormously to keep calm and serenity. Today, with passion, he shares his knowledge of yoga with others.


Originally from India, his most important approach to yoga is empathy for ourselves. By observing ahimsa (do no harm) in our practice.


Originally from Tanzania, she not only does yoga for passion, but she makes yoga her reason for living. With every breath she takes, she becomes more passionate about teaching yoga. She believes that yoga is the best way to bring out the true potential of a person.


Originally from South Africa, Stéphanie is looking for a balance between strength and relaxation. She did her first yoga teacher training in Germany in 2002 with teacher Young-Ho Kim before finally studying in Austria in 2011. She believes this was the best decision of her life.



Originally from Spain. She is currently living in India as a renunciant under the teaching of her beloved 'Amma'. She has lived and worked in several countries using yoga and meditation as tools for peace.


Originally from the United States, in these classes he guides his students towards a union of mind, body and breath. He encourages you to apply the life lessons learned in the classes to your daily life.


Originally from New Zealand, Gisele has been practicing yogi for over 20 years and her transition to teaching was a natural progression.


Originally from Poland, she tries to practice yoga on and off the mat, to help herself and others. In her asana practice she uses hatha yoga, Ashtanga, vinyasa and restorative/yin, mixing them according to her needs and those of others. She studied yoga in Poland and India.


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